Criminal Law

Kafor Law Firm, PLLC represents individuals regarding criminal law. Laws under each category are serious and can lead to harsh punishment if broken. Therefore, it is important to seek trustworthy legal representation.

Criminal acts are of course serious matters. Laws are established for a reason and the breaking of a law will result in some variation of punishment. Unfortunately, there are instances when someone can be wrongfully accused or when someone’s role in a criminal act can be misconstrued. In such cases, the help of an attorney can be quite beneficial.

When a crime is committed, three aspects are considered: 1) the act or conduct to commit the crime, 2) the person’s mental state at the time of the act and 3) the proximate cause of the negative outcome. Each aspect is evaluated by a defense attorney and the prosecution has the burden of establishing proof of all three aspects.

Attorneys are necessary not only for the party or parties which commit the crime, but also accomplices in the crime and individuals who had any involvement or knowledge of the crime before or after it was committed. Essentially, any involvement is a red flag; thus, it would be wise to seek representation.

In adverse situations where the law is front and center and in question, the help of someone who knows the law like the back of their hand can go a long way. Attorneys study the law and therefore know the law. Not just the basics, but the bylaws, the fine prints and the language used throughout the law. They also know how to represent. Moreover, they know how to go to battle for their clients by fighting for what they believe is right!

The attorneys at Kafor Law Firm have multiple areas of practice; criminal law representation is among them. Members of our staff have committed their years of study and their years of profession to a specific law. As such, clients can feel confident in putting their trust in our group of attorneys.