2 years ago I was working out at my apt. gym when I was attacked by one of the residents that lived there too. I had to defend myself against her attack. We both called the police and despite my physical evidence that I showed to the Dallas police that proved what happened, they sited her and I both for misdemeanor assault. They ignored my evidence that showed me innocent from anything that happened and her guilty for the assault. I had the whole thing on audio recording where she admitted to the police that she attacked me trying to nock my recorder out of my hands. She was breaking into the gym temperature control box that was under lock and key and I got pictures of her doing it to give to the property management when she attacked me trying to nock my recorder out of my hands and hitting me in the process. Yvonne went to court with me as my attorney. She cleverly got the opposing party to verify that she attacked me first and that she tried to nock my media recorder out of my hands there by hitting me in the process. It was pure self defense on my part any she proved that. She never once had to use my physical evidence. She discredited the opposing wittiness and proved that I was defending myself against her attack. I was found not guilty. I never new what happened to her because I never got a summons to appear in court to testify against her with my evidence.
Thanks, Stephen