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Criminal Defense Lawyer Dallas

If you are in trouble with the law, looking at prison time or a major fine, you should look to hire a criminal defense lawyer Dallas. A lawyer is not one to make promises; however, he/she has the knowledge, familiarity with the law, negotiating power, and experience to potentially lessen the punishment.

In what ways can a criminal defense lawyer Dallas help?

Plea bargain and sentencing

criminal defense lawyer DallasIf your case is tried in court, your defense lawyer can discuss a plea bargain with the prosecutor. A prosecutor is the one arguing on the side of the law, trying to validate a specific punishment. Through direct communication between the defense lawyer and prosecutor, certain charges could be dropped, or sentencing could be reduced.

Sentencing can take many forms; jail time is not always one of them. Of course, the severity of the crime dictates the sentencing. If you are dealing with a drug or alcohol related charge, perhaps your sentencing will consist of a rehabilitation program. A program can prevent or minimize jail time. It’s also seen as a productive option that will guide individuals to overcoming a problem or addiction.

Expert feedback and updates

From the beginning, your lawyer will have a plan for your case. It helps when you choose one that comes with plenty of experience, though, experience goes hand in hand with cost. Either way, lawyers go through years of education and training covering a specific letter of the law.

You’ll be advised of any defenses for your case at the very start of the process. As court appearances play out, your defense lawyer will keep you updated regarding your current position and negotiations with the prosecutor.

Many legal hands will be played that you likely won’t be up to speed with, but that’s for your own good. Trust between you and your lawyer is what’s most important. Much of what goes on will be entirely out of your control, but that’s why you must trust your lawyer to properly defend you.

The alternative… representing yourself

You can ready every word of every criminal law book that exists, but defending yourself in court will still suffer in comparison to a practicing lawyer defending you. There is much more to being a lawyer than knowing the law. Lawyers understand that certain laws have different interpretations. Therefore, they may be able to help you if your case falls into a grey area of the law.

They are expert in cross-examining witnesses, presenting evidence, and selecting strong information that will best help the defendant. Lawyers also have vast resources that can pay great dividends in the outcome of a case.

For example, a defense lawyer can hire investigators to investigate the crime and the witnesses put in place by the prosecutor. Investigators can find vital information to the case and potentially give you a leg up in coming out of a court ruling in better shape than without.

Also, prosecutors are far less likely to bargain with a defendant who is representing his/her self. Why? Because they do not see eye to eye with defendants.

Types of Criminal Acts

Crimes can fall under various categories, including felonies, federal crimes, misdemeanors and juvenile charges. The Kafor Law Firm represents individuals charged with any of the above.

Federal Crimes

A crime reaches the Federal level when the U.S. Constitution is violated in some way. For the crime to be reviewed in Federal Court, it must be free of any state offenses. Though, if a crime violates Federal and State law, involved parties must decide whether they want it to be tried in State or Federal Court. That’s one area in which your criminal defense lawyer Dallas will come in handy.

Federal violations include:

  • Drug Offenses
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Cyber Crime
  • Mail Fraud
  • Tax Evasion
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Immigration Offenses
  • Bank Robbery

Types of Felonies

Capital- Life in prison without parole or the death penalty

Class 1- Life in jail or 5-99 years in prison; maximum fine of $10,000

Class 2- 2-20 years in prison; maximum $10,000 fine

Class 3- 2-10 years in state prison; maximum fine of $10,000

Jail Felony- 180 days to 2 years in prison; maximum fine $10,000

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer Dallas

As you may have gathered, punishments range drastically depending on the crime that is committed. A defense lawyer is your avenue to a potentially softer punishment, or, perhaps no punishment at all depending on the circumstances. It is so important to hire a qualified defense lawyer when in trouble with the law. Some qualifications you should look for…


Experience not just in years, but in practice. You want a lawyer that specializes in criminal law. He/she should have plenty of experience defending clients in court. The criminal defense lawyer Dallas should have familiarity with local and state court officials. In some cases, maybe even familiarity with Federal court officials.

Selecting a lawyer is like selecting any professional to do a service. Would you rather have an experienced or inexperienced doctor performing a surgery? Would you rather have an experienced or inexperienced accountant completing your business taxes? Would you rather have an experienced or inexperienced lawyer defending you in court?

Comfortable Communication

Before the momentum gets going for you case, you will partake in an initial consultation with any lawyer candidates. This is the opportunity for a productive conversation with a lawyer in gathering the facts of your situation, determining defense possibilities for your case and establishing a plan.

An underrated aspect of selecting a lawyer is ease of communication. You may be spending a lot of time with your lawyer, whether it be in court or throughout meetings. Therefore, it’s important to have a lawyer by your side that can adequately update you on the case and explain the next steps. You want to be able to understand your lawyer; you don’t want to get confused and overwhelmed with lawyer jargon that is difficult to understand.

The Kafor Law Firm

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