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If you are needing a name change, or your child is needing a name change, get in touch with a family lawyer. The process is not as complicated as many legal matters; however, it’s no walk in the park either. A name change attorney will provide the necessary guidance.

What to know about adult name changes

name change attorneyA name change petition will have to be filed in court. If the request is marriage related, a divorce for example, then you’ll need to bring your marriage license and divorce decree to the court hearing. The judge will need to verify the separation before deeming the name change fit or unfit.

If the name change is being pursued because a spouse has passed, you will need to present your spouse’s death certificate in court.

Lastly, a non-marriage related name change will need to be supported by a certified court order and an amended birth certificate, if applicable.

Adult name changes are relatively cut and dry. Everyone’s situation is different, but as long the adjustment is in your best interests, and not in any way harmful to the public, it should be granted.

The times in which it will not be granted is if:

  • The individual is attempting to avoid the law or creditors
  • A change will affect someone else’s identity
  • The individual has a felony to his/her name

A felony does not bar someone from a name change; however, it must be requested within two years of being released from any jail time. Any probation expectations must be fulfilled as well.

What to know about minor name changes

The request of a name change for a minor must be submitted by a parent, guardian or conservator. Your name change attorney will help get the court order approved. If one parent is leading the name change, the other parent must be officially notified. All parties must be on the same page.

The decision will be made by a judge during a scheduled court hearing. If the name change is granted, the adjustment will be made to all important forms of identification. Most importantly, the minor’s state ID card, birth certificate and social security card.

How can a family law attorney help?

When your identity is up in the air, it’s essential to have a law expert by your side to protect the name change intentions. Your name change attorney will ensure the right documentation is filed to make it happen. He/she will also represent you or your family member in court.

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